Hens Party Ideas on a Budget

Are you planning a hens party on a budget? It may seem impossible to have a hens party without spending a fortune, but thankfully the trope of a flashy hens party that drains your bank account has long since passed. It is completely possible to have a fun and memorable hens party while still sticking to a budget. The following are some ideas you can try when you want to save money on a hens party.

Visit a club instead of seeing a show

 Buying tickets to a show can be expensive, especially if you have multiple guests at the hens party and you need to buy a separate ticket for everyone. For instance, if you have ten guests at the hens party and tickets are $40 each, that’s $400 on the tickets alone–not including drinks, food and other expenses.

Instead of seeing an adult entertainment show at a male stripper club like https://www.malestrippersydney.com.au/, you can visit a club with adult entertainment as a more budget-friendly option. Although you will still need to pay an entry fee and pay for any drinks, it will be much less expensive than tickets for a show. You can also find aggregators for hens party specials like: hens night sydney

Hire a private entertainer

  You can also consider hiring a private entertainer for your hens party. This can be cheaper than purchasing separate tickets to an adult entertainment show, especially if you only book an entertainer for an hour or so. There are a lot of affordable quality adult entertainers out there, so all you have to do search online and find someone in your local area. Remember to ask about their rates and don’t forget to include the cost of a tip in  your budget considerations. 

Have food and drinks at someone’s home

 Going out to eat and getting drinks can be expensive if you plan on visiting a restaurant or a bar. You can save money by having food and drinks at someone’s home before you head out for a movie, to see a show and so on. Ask everyone to bring a little something and you will have a much more budget-friendly food and drink option for your hens party. You can also consider having some pre-game food and drinks before heading to the club or bar where you might get more drinks; you will still save money by doing the majority of your eating and drinking at home. 

Throw the majority of the hens night at someone’s home

If you really want to save money, consider having the entire hens night party at someone’s home. This will save you money on drinks, food transportation and entertainment.  You can order some inexpensive takeout or have everyone bring a dish; ask everyone to bring a few bottles of drinks; have everyone pitch to book a private entertainer; or choose free entertainment like music and movies. One of the best things about having a hens party at someone’s home is that you’re in full control of the events; you won’t have to worry about other people raining on your parade or getting in the way.

If you plan on throwing a budget-friendly hens party, don’t forget the above ideas to help you save money.

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